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Searching for Light in the Lunar Eclipse

I look to the sky and beg,

“reveal yourself,”

and I will ask no more than the shift of a gray cloud, 

a glimpse of red sky to illuminate my view,

if only this rare blood moon would show true color.  

You, I ask, is that you, old man on the moon

flashing through scattered clouds

gleaming slivers

what, hope? did you mean hope?

Another cloud passes,

a nighthawk circles overhead.  

In the distance a curdled honk

what, his forlorn mate, or a clumsy saxophone?

I long for revelation to jazz my blues, anything

more than hand puppet clouds

fingering shadows on my dark lawn

stirring the base of my soul,

what, another dark soul?

redundant as a super eclipse shrouded in hazy skies

leaving unidentified hues, blues, gray matter

in the ozone,

relegating moonlight

to lyrics

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